One of the most common questions that we as an agency have faced since launching, is “what’s with the name? Aren’t vagabonds homeless people? Why would you name your business after that?”

It makes us chuckle every time. We actually relish every opportunity to explain why we’re called Vagabond Media, because there’s a surprising amount that’s actually gone into it. There are a few dimensions to the name which we feel perfectly encapsulates who we are as an agency and how to choose to operate.


The main reason that we’re called Vagabond actually relates to the business philosophy that guides us every day. That is, to try and navigate through the business world with the mindset of a vagabond.

To elaborate a little further, we don’t perceive the vagabond to just be the homeless person who wanders aimlessly from place to place. We reject that perception. We see vagabonds as explorers. Discoverers. The brave and the strong.

Because you see, they never settle in a place for too long and they never get too comfortable with their surroundings. They embrace the uncertainty that comes with change. They’re open-minded to enjoying new experiences, and look to pursue actively exploring new and unexplored territories. They don’t just go down the road less travelled, they live on it.

Essentially, the vagabond moulds to fit and adapt to the ever-changing world around them, so that they are always able to deal with the next obstacle on their path.

We firmly believe that the most successful businesses are those who adopt the vagabond mindset. The businesses who are able to adapt to the changes in the business environment around them and keep up to date with changes in consumer behaviour will ultimately be the ones who are successful.



The second part of our name is Media, because we’re a media company. We create and distribute content. It’s as simple as that.

But want to know what the funny thing is? If you’re reading this, you’re a media company too. In fact, every business is a media company in addition to the kind of service or product that they provide. This is because every business can now use the internet to distribute their content across channels such as Facebook and Twitter to reach their audience.

So the Upper Cock Inn in Croesyceiliog is a media company, along with being a pub. Hathways Estate Agents in Pontnewydd is a media company, along with being an estate agency. And the same principle applies for every other business that you could list in Cwmbran.


So there you have it. You now know that the reason we called ourselves Vagabond Media is less to do with the fact we’re all homeless and trotting around the globe, and more to do with the fact that the mindset of the vagabond is what we aspire towards, and what we encourage our clients to aspire towards as well.

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