So you’ve invested hours and hours into crafting an incredibly detailed and entertaining blog post that will provide tons of value to your audience. It’s finally completed and you’re ready for the world to see it. But where do you go from there?

With hundreds of thousands of new blog posts and articles being published on the internet every day, how do you ensure that your audience actually gets to see your blog post? After all, it’s no good putting the hours into creating the content if none of your audience is going to see it. And how do you reach as many people as possible?

We totally understand your worries. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 things to do after publishing a blog post.


6 Things to do After Publishing a Blog Post


1.) Post Links to your Blog Post on Social media

The first, and probably most effective thing that you can do immediately after publishing a blog post is post links to to it on social media.

Social media has actually become the #1 source of traffic on the internet, even beating out the likes of search engines such as Bing and Google. So by creating micro-content on your social media accounts containing a link, picture and an enticing description about your new blog post, you’ll have a great opportunity to direct a lot of traffic to the blog post that you’ve just written.

The more social media accounts that you can post from the better, as you’re opening yourself up to a potentially larger audience. So don’t just stop at Facebook. If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, post about your new blog post there too. You can even get creative with less conventional social media platforms such as Snapchat, where even though you can’t post a link, you can send an entertaining snap to your friends that brings light to your new blog post.


2.) Post your Link to Relevant LinkedIn Groups

If you’re posting a piece of content that demonstrates your knowledge or expertise in a certain field or industry, we would recommend posting a link to your blog post to relevant groups on LinkedIn.

Along with driving traffic to your website, you’re also opening yourself up to new lines of business, as you’ll be presenting yourself as an expert to other people in your industry who may wish to build relationships with you or even hire you for some kind of consultation gig based on the knowledge you demonstrated through your post.


3.) Submit your Blog Post to Reddit.

For those who don’t know what Reddit is, it’s often referred to as the front page of the internet. It’s basically a synecdoche of the internet, in all of its manifestations.

Anyone is free to post and submit links to Reddit, and many times these posts have gone viral and spread like wildfire across the entire internet, generating millions of views for surprised contributors.

Sure, the chances of that happening to you are slim. But for the sake of investing 2 minutes to post a link, what do you have to lose?


4.) Submit your Blog Post to StumbleUpon.

Like Reddit, StumbleUpon is another place where you can submit links and present your content to potentially millions of people.

The great thing about StumbleUpon, is that the people using it are actively seeking new content. This means that it will be far easier to divert attention and web traffic your way from here, as opposed to somewhere like Facebook where people may not have necessarily logged in with the intention of being diverted away from the site to go and read somebody else’s blog posts.


5.) Let People Know you Mention Them

Quite often, you will mention other people in your blog posts. If so, let them know about it!

If you write a blog post about the “Top Chip Shops in Cwmbran”, then be sure to tag the likes of Page’s and Mr Chippy in it. This will accomplish two things.

First, it will likely lead to your content getting reposted and shared. After all, if someone writes something complimentary about you, your natural desire will be to share it to let everyone else know how great you are. So by stroking people’s egos, your blog posts have the potential for greater reach as people share your work.

Secondly, it fosters new relationships. If you’re already going through the effort of creating content and mentioning people in it, why not allow for the opportunity to build new relationships with people and grow your personal network by letting people know you’re writing kind things about them.

You never know, somebody might end up writing something kind about you.


6.) A week later…Post it on Social Media Again!

Once you’ve published something on social media, it’s not banished from appearing on your feed ever again.

Because of the way many social media networks such as Twitter work, many people that follow you will not have seen your content the first time round. They will appreciate you reposting the content once again, so don’t think that you’re being annoying or repetitive. Chances are that people are grateful for it.


And so that’s our list of 6 things to do after publishing a blog post. How many of these steps are you currently implementing? Are there any other measures that you take after publishing content? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the section below.

Altered Image Source: Pixabay

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