A few weeks back, we posted an article about 16 sports stars from Cwmbran, highlighting the abundance of talent that comes from our small town. We thought we would continue this trend by shedding light on some of the famous political figures descending from Cwmbran too.

Some of these people have been Members of Parliament. Others have been peers in the House of Lords. Some of the individuals in this list have even been involved in unearthing huge national scandals. The one thing that unites all of these people is that they were either born or grew up in Cwmbran.


5 Political Figures from Cwmbran


1.) Denise Kingsmill, Baroness Kingsmill CBE


denise kingsmill

Croesyceiliog School attendee Baroness Kingsmill is a Labour peer who was appointed life peerage in 2006 after a successful legal career as a solicitor in Employment Law. She is also a member of the Economic Affairs Committee, and previously occupied the role of Deputy Chairman of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.


2.) Ivor Bulmer-Thomas CBE FSA


Ivor Bulmer-Thomas served 8 years as a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party in the 1940s before leaving politics to become a leading layman in the Church of England. He also authored several books and was a journalist for The Times newspaper.


3.) Steven Nott


Steven Nott acquired a lot of media attention for his role in the Leveson inquiry in  2011. He was recognised by The Guardian’s Nick Davies as the first person to try and expose the phone hacking scandal back in 1999.


4.) Leo Abse


Leo Abse was a Labour Member of Parliament for almost 30 years, playing pivotal roles in helping to decriminalise male homosexual relations and liberalise the divorce laws.


5.) Jessica Morden


jessica morden

Jessica Morden attended Croesyceiliog School before eventually becoming a Labour politican. She has been the Member of Parliament for Newport East since 2005.


Altered Image Source: Wiki Commons

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