As a small town, when you’re dating someone in Cwmbran there’s only so many places that you can take them before you’re forced to start venturing out into places like Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and beyond.

As a result, there’s a number of places that you’re almost guaranteed to have been on a date to at some point or another.

We thought we would put together our own list of the 6 dates that you’ve almost certainly been on in Cwmbran.


6 Dates You’ve Almost Certainly been on in Cwmbran


1.) Vue Cinema

vue cinema jaggery

You probably went to the cinema on first dates when you were about 15 or 16 years old, before you realised that cinemas are actually a terrible place to go on a first date.

It’s dark, you can’t talk to each other, and you probably ruined the whole thing when you screamed like a little girl at the horror movie that you reluctantly agreed to watch.


2.) Harvester


harvester cwmbran jaggery

Let’s face it. Until the day that Nandos comes to Cwmbran, Harvester will remain the standard go-to place for a meal when you’re too lazy to think of somewhere else to eat.


3.) Starbucks

starbucks esparta palma

So you want to come across as cultured and sophisticated, but there aren’t actually any posh eateries in Cwmbran. An all-day breakfast at Spoons is strictly off the cards. What are you to do?

Take them for a coffee at Starbucks of course (even though you think coffee tastes like arse).


4.) Bowlplex


bowlplex cwmbran jaggery

You probably went here immediately after your first date at the cinema (see #1) to awkwardly hover around the bar before being kicked out by the staff for being under 18. Ahh, those were the days.

On a sidenote, remember how freaking exciting it was when Leisure @ Cwmbran first opened?


5.) McDonald’s


mcdonalds cwmbran jaggery

Money doesn’t grow on trees you know. Why risk a tenner on someone who might not even like you back when you can get them a McChicken Sandwich meal for less than a fiver? Bargain.

Although you may have noticed that this was the last date that the two of you ever went on, too.

6.) Boating Lake

boating lake cwmbran jaggery

Aw. Aren’t you cute.

If you’re really trying to impress that special someone, there are few better places in Cwmbran you can take someone than the boating lake for a cute walk.

Even if you hate the screaming kids and vicious ducks everywhere, you’ll pretend to find them adorable to hide how much of a miserable shit you are.


That’s the end of our list of 6 places that you’ve almost certainly been on in Cwmbran. Have you been on a date in any of these places? How did they go? Have I missed any other classic places for a date in Cwmbran in this post? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.


Altered image credit: Harvester, Bowlplex, Vue, McDonalds, Boating Lake by Jaggery on Geograph. Starbucks by Esparta Palma on Flickr.



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