Do you live in Cwmbran? Wondering what the best Facebook pages to like in the local area are? Then you just so happened to come to the right place.

As Cwmbran residents ourselves, we decided to do put together our own list of the 5 Facebook pages that everyone in Cwmbran should like. Each Facebook page listed in this article is sure to bring you bundles of value either in the form of entertainment or important information relating to Cwmbran.


5 Facebook Pages Everyone in Cwmbran Should Like

Cwmbran Life

cwmbran life facebook

It feels like we go on and on about Cwmbran Life. But that’s because we so greatly admire everything that the blog and its Facebook page has done for the community.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years and aren’t familiar with the Cwmbran Life Blog, it ‘s a hyper-local blog that sheds light on the people and places of Cwmbran. Its Facebook page alerts to any updates on the website and also provides a great deal of unique content too.

If you’re a business looking to succeed on social media in the same way that Cwmbran Life has, then be sure to follow this link to an article that we wrote about the lessons that you can take from its success on social media.


Torfaen Council


torfaen council

It may not be the most fun or exciting page that you could like on Facebook, but it’s probably the single most useful page that you could like.

By liking the Torfaen council Facebook page, you can keep up to date with the latest news and developments relating to the council and Torfaen County. Whether you want to find out which day your recycling will be collected or if your child’s school will be closed when it snows, it can be an invaluable source of information coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


Gwent Police


gwent police

If you ever dreamed of becoming a vigilante hero like Batman or Spiderman, then following the Gwent Police Facebook page will enable you to do your bit to help fight crime and bring criminals to justice.

They will regularly post statuses asking if anyone can help them with identifying inidivduals from bits of CCTV footage, and they usually bring a multitude of hilarious comments by the local people of Cwmbran along with them.

They also pass on important information about particular crimes that are occurring and the areas in which they’re taking place, which can help the community in trying to tackle crimes and other forms of anti-social behaviour that are occurring in the area.


Just the Job


just the job

Just the Job originally started out as a group on Facebook. However, it grew so quickly that Kathryn Halford and Ray Watkins decided to set up a Facebook page for it.

Dedicated to help the people of Gwent find jobs, it alerts people to the latest job vacancies in the areas of Cwmbran, Newport and Pontypool. This page can be useful to you whether you’re a business owner or jobseeker, and it’s worth pointing any people you know that fall into either of those camps towards giving the page a like as well.


Vagabond Media


vagabond media facebook

Of course, how could we not include our own Facebook page!?

Yes, of course there’s the fantastic marketing-related content that we provide to assist local business owners in the area with their marketing efforts.

But on top of that, we also provide a wealth of funny and informative articles relating to Cwmbran that people of all ages and occupations can enjoy. Look no further than our posts on “13 Signs that you Grew Up in Cwmbran“, and “6 Dates that you’ve almost certainly been on in Cwmbran” to see what we mean.
That’s our list over and done with. What’s your favourite Facebook page in Cwmbran? Is it featured on this list or did we leave it out? Please comment and let us know!


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