In our last blog post, we covered the ways our social media marketing services can benefit your business. Hopefully, this gave you the belief in our ability to provide you with a premium social media service that would genuinely produce real results for your business.

However, we’re also capable of providing a premium service when it comes to our content marketing services. We provide compelling, SEO-friendly content for businesses in the form of blog posts and articles, that can be published either on your own websites or 3rd party platforms such as BuzzFeed community and Medium.

Again, just like in the last blog, if you’re unsure about whether your company should invest in hiring an agency to produce content for you, here’s 6 ways our content marketing services can benefit your business.


Guide Traffic to your Website

For the greatest chance of turning a lead into a paying customer, you’ll want to find a way of getting people to your website. Why? Because here you won’t be fighting for their attention, and you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and allow them to really immerse themselves into your world.

However, this is no small feat. Your consumers went on to social media to chat with friends and watch cute puppy videos on their homepage, not specifically to see your company’s content. You have to consider how you’re going to manoeuvre around the friction of getting your customers to transition from their social media to your website.

With that in mind, our content marketing services are an excellent way of achieving this. By sharing a link on social media towards a piece of content that solves a specific problem that your customers are suffering, you have the greatest chance of directing them away from their social media page, and onto your website.


Improve your SEO

While we don’t strictly provide SEO services, our content marketing services will help to improve the SEO performance of your website. Research shows that websites with active blogs consistently publishing content get 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links than those without.

The content that we provide is original, high-quality and designed specifically to address the problems and queries that your consumers face. As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, they seek to reward this kind of content by placing it higher in the search rankings because it closely matches the queries that their browsers are searching for.  This is great news for your business, as it means you’ll have more traffic heading to your site.

The longer that you use our content marketing services, the more links you will be naturally accumulating and thus the more traffic you will be guiding to your website; two factors which will massively improve the performance of your website even further in terms of its ranking on the search engines.


Generating Leads

It’s been estimated that websites with blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Clearly, content marketing is an effect way to generate leads for your website.

However, when you use a service such as ours, the results can be even more dramatic. That’s because it’s been found that companies which implement an effective content marketing strategy, posting purposeful and relevant content consistently over a prolonged period of time, are capable of generating 97% more leads than those business which don’t implement any kind of content marketing strategy on their website at all.

Studies also show that 80% of people would rather consume information in the form of a series of articles rather than as an advertisement. This delivers a clear message: Your customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to be educated.

By using our content marketing services, your business will develop into a trusted resource for your consumers, as they consistently receive educational and informative content from you that attempts to solve their problems, rather than sell to them. Through this mechanism, you’ll be on the top of your customers’ minds when they’re ready to purchase your goods or hire your services.


Builds Brand Awareness

This is slightly similar to the point above, but so important that it deserves its own separate point. An effective content marketing strategy can help build brand awareness for your business . Brand awareness can be broken down in two ways: The wide sense and the deep sense.

The wide sense refers to the sheer number of people who are introduced to your brand. Our content marketing services help facilitate this kind of brand awareness through the methods already discussed in this article. The high-ranking articles on Google drive new people to your website.

The deep sense however, is even more intriguing and something we haven’t touched on yet. It refers to the depth and extent to which people are familiar with your brand. If you’re a restaurant in Cwmbran, and your customers are thinking about going for a meal, are you the first restaurant on their mind? Second? Or tenth?

There’s a cognitive bias in all of our brains called the law of familiarity. This is the idea that we gravitate and develop fondness for things that we are most familiar with. It’s the reason that massive brands like Coca Cola continue to spend hundreds of millions on advertising every year. Everyone already knows who they are, but they advertise to keep us all familiar with their brand, so that when someone thinks of fizzy drink, they’re the first brand they think of.

Our content marketing services also help to facilitate this kind of brand awareness. Through producing good content on a consistent basis that continuously provides value for your consumers, you’ll have generated the kind of level of authority and trust to be the first business that comes to mind.


Better Value for Money

Our content marketing services can also benefit your business by providing you with better value for money on your existing marketing budget.

As a form of inbound marketing, content marketing has been found to be 60% cheaper than outbound marketing techniques such as newspaper advertisements and sponsorships. Similar to what we said in our last post, you can expect these kinds of results to be even more pronounced when using our services, because we’re experts at crafting engaging content that will resonate with your audience.


Save you Time

This is the final point that we listed in the article about how our social media services can benefit your business, and it’s equally true when it comes to our content marketing services.

Planning and implementing an effective content marketing strategy requires an awful lot of effort. You need to invest either the time or the dime to do so. You need to come up with content ideas, draft posts, source images, edit, proofread, optimise SEO and a host of other tasks, all on a consist basis at a high enough quality to actually be ranked on Google and provide value to readers.

For many businesses, they would be better off outsourcing this aspect of their marketing strategy to an agency like us so that they could focus their time and energy on other aspects of their business, and so that they can provide the very best content as possible to their consumers.


That marks the end of our 6 ways our content marketing services can benefit your business. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the corresponding post that we wrote for our social media services too.

Are you one of the people considering hiring content marketing services? Have you already hired content marketing services, and did you get results from that? Let us know in the comments below.



Altered Photo Credit: Joe the Goat Farmer


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