So you’ve decided that you’re going to hire an agency to handle your social media and content marketing responsibilities for you. The only question hanging over your shoulder now, is which agency should you hire?

Naturally, we would say that if you’re ‘re a business in or around Cwmbran looking to grow and increase your sales, then we’re the right agency for you. Wondering why we say that?

Well in this blog post, we’re going to provide 4 reasons we’re the best digital marketing agency in Cwmbran.


Vagabond Media – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Cwmbran


1.) Our Unique Approach to Creating Content

The main factor that we feel makes us the best digital marketing agency in Cwmbran is our unique approach to creating content through the medium of storytelling.

After all, we recognise that human beings have been telling stories for the past 27,000 years, and so it’s the most natural way for your business to interact with your audience and convey your message. You can build relationships with them as they become invested in your stories, and you can use stories to paint a picture of how your product or service will enrich your customers’ lives.

When you hire our social media content services, we’ll incorporate storytelling into the content that we produce for your business. In a world where consumers are bombarded with pushy pitches all day, it will be a breath of fresh air for your audience to receive content that will provide them with genuine value. Eventually, they’ll reciprocate this value you’ve brought them with their £££.


2.) Our Pricing Structure

Another thing that makes us the best digital marketing agency in Cwmbran is the pricing structure that we have in place. Most agencies work by charging fees at a daily rate, normally consisting of about 7 hours work. So if you want a month’s worth of social media content, you’ll pay the agency for the number of days that it takes to complete that task.

We do things differently. Instead of charging for the amount of hours that it takes to complete the work, we charge a set price for a month’s content upfront. In other words, you’ll pay a set fee for a month’s worth of content, regardless of how long that it takes us to complete.

Why? Well to be honest, we hate the idea of meticulously counting the hours that we spend on your work. That amount of effort could be better spent putting more time and energy into the services that you’re actually paying for, and which actually benefit your business. As far as we’re concerned, charging by the hour or day also seems to be incentivising dragging and prolonging a process, when we would rather effective performance be incentivised.

Having a pricing structure arranged this way also has several other benefits for your business. For instance, if something takes us longer than expected, you don’t pay extra for this. In fact, you’ll never be charged anything above the stated price on our price sheet. This means you’ll never receive any unpleasant surprises from us, allowing your business to accurately budget each month.

It also sheds light on the transparency of our business. We’re an open book as an agency. Want to see the prices for our services? Head here. We continue to be as open and honest when we’re working with you as well.


3.) We Stick to What we’re Good at

We mentioned this previously in our FAQ page. One of the factors that makes us the best digital marketing agency in Cwmbran is that we stick to what we’re good at.

We don’t provide services such as web design because, quite frankly, we don’t know much about web design. Conversely, we feel that we’re rock stars at providing masterful social media and content marketing services, so that’s what we do.

In contrast, many of our competitors try to offer every digital service under the sun. While we have no doubt in their good intentions to try and provide a holistic set of measures to help their clients, the reality of the matter is that most of the time this just leads to them becoming jacks of all trades, and lacking the ability to provide you with a truly expert service for you in any one area.


4.) We Care about Businesses in Cwmbran

Finally, we feel that we’re the right choice for any Cwmbran business because we genuinely care about the businesses of Cwmbran.

While we’re capable of providing our services to virtually anyone anywhere in the world, we still feel that we’re very much a local business in our local area of Cwmbran. The people who we provide our services to aren’t just our clients, they’re often our family, friends and friends of friends.

We don’t want to let them down, so we make sure to go the extra mile for our clients because we genuinely want to see them succeed knowing we were a part of that.


So now you know how we’re the best digital marketing agency in Cwmbran. If you want to find out more about our services, head here. If you want to contact us, head to this page.

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